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Mente Cuerpo 40 días (edición en español)

Cuarenta lecturas diarias para quienes están iniciando prácticas mente-cuerpo y para quienes están comenzando de nuevo. El objetivo central de Mente, Cuerpo, 40 días es proporcionar una comprensión fresca y duradera de la práctica mente-cuerpo. Debido a dónde y cuándo se escribió, es posible que encuentre principios de este trabajo apareciendo en un mercado en Marruecos, a la vera de un camino en Ghana o flotando en un catamarán en el Océano Índico. Por favor ven y disfruta del viaje.


Edición limitada de encuadernación artesanal disponible en Abril

Mind Body 40 days


Forthcoming in April 2024

Forty daily readings for those who are beginning mind-body practices and for those who are beginning again. The central aim of Mind Body 40 Days is to provide a fresh and lasting understanding of mind-body practice. Because of where and when it is being written, you may find principles of this work surfacing at a market in Morocco, by a roadside in Ghana, or floating on a catamaran in the Indian Ocean. Please come along and enjoy the ride.


Limited hand-bound edition available April 2024

Hyparxic Dialogues


Forthcoming in Autumn 2024

This book emerged out of a sequence of dialogues exploring the relationship between the observer and the observed. When we look at an image, a whole series of thoughts and emotions are provoked; social, psychological, and spiritual. Through a set of iconic photos by the artist and photographer Pablo Mandel, the viewer is invited to enter into the pictures and explore where they take them. To facilitate this journey, we match photos with words, which are aimed at opening up new insights and levels of perception. This is an interactive book which deepens our interpretation of the world that surrounds us’.

Parallel Lives: The Biographies of Ralph McTell

From: £4.99

Parallel Lives offers an artistic biography of the English singer-songwriter Ralph McTell. It sets out an account of his own family background when growing up in post war Britain and his emergence as a significant musician as part of the folk boom of the later 1960s. As well as exploring numerous songs, it includes quotes from Ralph drawn from extended interviews with him. The book also includes a series of interludes that approach the nature of the creative individual from a socio-cultural, psychological and ‘spiritual’ perspective.

The paperback version is no longer available, but the eBook – following up on two sold out physical editions – is fully revised and includes a new Forward and Post-script.