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About Pomera Press

Pomera Press is a means to bring high quality books into the world. It operates outside the commercial mainstream.

Our mission is to explore a range of ways ‘the book’ can be presented; from mass editions, to its singular artisanal forms. Some of our books are offered in small, limited, ‘collectors” editions with high quality materials; others are downloadable e-books. We seek to convey material that interests us and which we find of pressing relevance to a rapidly changing world. Formats used are a part of the works of art in themselves.

Michael Grenfell and Pablo Mandel first met in 1998, at a Guitar Craft Seminar with Robert Fripp in Alfeld, Germany. They have worked extensively with music in the context of the Guitar Circles traveling around the world to play music, while developing their professional careers in graphic design and educational research. In 2021, their work on Dr. Grenfell’s book editions brought them together to begin Pomera Press as a creative adventure. They were moved by their passion for art and music, and well-crafted books. Our extended team represents a wide range of experiences in publishing, authorship, book design, music, education, and IT.

Our Principles of Operation

Transparency, Honesty, Quality, Experimentation, Integrity, Artisanal, Multidisciplinary, Pragmatic, Networked

We are excited by the formats a book can take – from fine binding to street publications (including everything in between) – and seek to match form and content. We define our public profile as existing in the market without being determined by the market. Our audience defines itself by the nature of their engagement with what we do. Some join us in publishing their own projects.

Michael Grenfell

Managing Editor

Professor Michael Grenfell is a writer, musician and academic teacher-researcher. He has held Chair positions at universities in Scotland, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland and the University of Southampton, UK where he is now Emeritus Professor. His background is in Medical Microbiology and French Studies. His University career has involved extensive research and publications on language, education, linguistics, and culture, as well as a close association with the French social philosopher Pierre Bourdieu with a special focus on biography, language, music and the fine arts. He was a founder member of The Blake Society in London celebrating the work of the English poet/ artist William Blake, and edited The Blake Journal. His own special interest is in Gnosticism and the esoteric traditions of Gnosis. He has authored some 20+ books and numerous research articles. He has also written on contemporary music – Folk, Rock and Global.



Pablo Mandel

Commissioning Editor & Art Director

Pablo Mandel, book designerPablo Mandel is an Argentine-Canadian book designer and art director. Born in 1970, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from early childhood he’s been fascinated and passionate about good books, the mysteries behind unread pages, and the beauty of elegantly typeset texts. Pablo graduated from Buenos Aires University in 1995 with a degree in Graphic Design, and is a Professional Member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada. His book designs have been published worldwide and won several awards. He directs Circular Studio, an independent graphic design consultancy, and is the go-to art direction for ORO Editions, international publishers of architecture and art. Last but not least: Pablo is an artist, a musician, a husband and a father, and currently lectures at universities worldwide on book design, and teaches at the bachelor of Design and Communication at Universidad Nacional de Lanus in Argentina.


Tywi Roberts


Tywi RobertsTywi Roberts is a composer, performer and ensemble director from Wales, who also has many years experience in software development. He was born in 1986 and received his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from the University of Sheffield in 2007, before continuing there to complete his Masters in Sonic Art & Digital Media Production with Professor Adrian Moore. He is currently studying for his PhD in composition at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, UK; under the supervision of Larry Goves and Rodrigo Constanzo. He has worked as a software engineer and analyst in businesses including ZOO Digital, Renishaw PLC and Sega Europe Ltd. Since February 2020 he has been the Artistic Director of UnHeard: a Manchester-based collective of composers, instrumentalists and conductor who present hybridised concerts of acoustic and electronic contemporary classical music.