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Welcome to Pomera Press

The aim of Pomera Press is to provide a series of publications that may lay outside of the commercial mainstream. Quality, innovation and originality are our guiding principles. Content covers a wide range of subjects and their treatment. Formats are also various: e-books, printed books, audio books and artisanal, collector editions. In these ways, we explore outreach and audience as well as the different forms that ‘the book’ can take. You will find something to interest and intrigue you here….

Hyparxic Dialogues, by Pablo Mandel

Hyparxic Dialogues

By Pablo Mandel

The seed for Hyparxic Dialogues emerged from a series of weekly conversations between Pomera Press’ creative partners, Professor Michael Grenfell and Pablo Mandel, triggered by discussions around Mike’s Bourdeausian explorations of the nature of the relationship between subjects and their objects. How is this elusive principle to be explored in the context of the visual arts? Featuring photographs and creative design by Pablo Mandel, and edited by Michael Grenfell, this special publication will be offered in three distinct limited-editions, in Spanish and English versions.

parallel lives ralph mctell ebook cover

Parallel Lives: The Biographies of Ralph McTell


Parallel Lives offers an artistic biography of the English singer-songwriter Ralph McTell. It sets out an account of his own family background when growing up in post war Britain and his emergence as a significant musician as part of the folk boom of the later 1960s. As well as exploring numerous songs, it includes quotes from Ralph drawn from extended interviews with him. The book also includes a series of interludes that approach the nature of the creative individual from a socio-cultural, psychological and ‘spiritual’ perspective. The paperback version is no longer available, but the eBook – following up on two sold out physical editions – is fully revised and includes a new Forward and Post-script.

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