Pablo Mandel

Pablo Mandel is an Argentine-Canadian book designer and art director. Born in 1970, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from early childhood he’s been fascinated and passionate about good books, the mysteries behind unread pages, and the beauty of elegantly typeset texts. Pablo graduated from Buenos Aires University in 1995 with a degree in Graphic Design, and is a Professional Member of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada. His book designs have been published worldwide and won several awards. He directs Circular Studio, an independent graphic design consultancy, and is the go-to art direction for ORO Editions, international publishers of architecture and art. Last but not least: Pablo is an artist, a musician, a husband and a father, and currently lectures at universities worldwide on book design, and teaches at the bachelor of Design and Communication at Universidad Nacional de Lanus in Argentina.

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Hyparxic Dialogues


Forthcoming in Autumn 2024

This book emerged out of a sequence of dialogues exploring the relationship between the observer and the observed. When we look at an image, a whole series of thoughts and emotions are provoked; social, psychological, and spiritual. Through a set of iconic photos by the artist and photographer Pablo Mandel, the viewer is invited to enter into the pictures and explore where they take them. To facilitate this journey, we match photos with words, which are aimed at opening up new insights and levels of perception. This is an interactive book which deepens our interpretation of the world that surrounds us’.