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This digital version of Parallel Lives comes complete with a new foreword.

Parallel Lives: The Biographies of Ralph McTell (second edition, now sold out)
parallel lives ralph mctell ebook cover
Parallel Lives: The Biographies of Ralph McTell (eBook cover)

Ralph McTell is the leading singer song writer of his generation. This book details the many aspects of biography featured in his work. It explores the links between biography and creative endeavours: so, Ralph’s own biography and what shaped his style – music and poetry; but including the characters he created to convey emotions and experiences. Also, the real-life individuals he wrote songs about – Sylvia Plath, Dylan Thomas, Angela Davis, and Hermann Hesse. The book also offers a discussion of the nature of artistic biography from various perspectives: socio-cultural, psychological, and spiritual.

After two sold out editions, we are happy to be offering this publication as an eBook download.

‘It has been a revealing and emotional experience working with Mike Grenfell on this book. His scholarly interpretations and evaluations of my songs are most gratifying and I have been moved very much by what he has written. His perceptiveness and conclusions are truly illuminating to me.’ Ralph McTell 2016 Second Edition