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Exposures: the Work and Life of Robert Fripp


Forthcoming in Autumn 2024

Exposures: The Work and Life of Robert Fripp
Michael Grenfell

Robert Fripp exploded into the rock music world with his band King Crimson as the 1960s came to a close. And, quickly established himself as the most original guitarist of his generation. Seven ground-breaking LP recordings then appeared in just six years, each one setting a higher standard in artistic innovation. During that time Fripp also developed a unique relationship with his audience. Always highly informed and articulate, he was not afraid to address issues of the contemporary world, the rock scene and the place of music in both.

By the mid-decade, he had enough; and retired to undertake a year-long spiritual sabbatical in the Oxfordshire countryside before re-emerging with a new band and a new approach to life and music.

This book sets out the events and processes of these formative years – as well as what happened next. More than the usual rock journalistic style, it roots Fripp’s life and work in the socio-historical and cultural contexts from which both emerged. The unfolding nature of King Crimson is, of course, central to the account, as set within the predominant cultural trends of the day. But, across its chapters, there is opportunity to explore Fripp’s biographical background, his philosophy and business practice. Discussion of the spiritual tradition that shaped him and his efforts to establish ethical business practice is framed by his own personal experiences and the insights these gave rise to.

The reader will finally understand the integrated nature of his work and life – as guitarist, musician, teacher, businessman, and author – and the principles of practice, which underpin both.